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Viva la Corse

Petr Čivrný of Rocks and Water Production has put together a video from our Corse trip. What a great time we had. La viva Corse from ROCKS & WATER production on Vimeo.


Corsica 2013

After last year’s total failure with our Corsica trip, we couldn’t really do any worse. But this year the water conditions were the best ever. A bit too much for harder upper stuff that...


Weekend Corsica – there and back again

4 people, 30 hours in the car, 8 hour on the ferry, 24 hour on the island, 0 hours on the water. Drought on Corsica, snow and freezing weather in Austria. Better don’t ask...


Season 2011 is over

In spite of our expectations, last weekend we went to Austria once more to recover a boat from the Heiligkreuz gorge on Venter Ache river. Although it was cold on the shore, paddling itself...